by Roman Makuev

Why do real estate agencies need to have a good site?

Real estate costs a lot, that is why buyers expect to receive high-standard service in every aspect.

Real estate costs a lot, that is why buyers expect to receive high-standard service in every aspect, beginning from the site that has to show you at your best up to the services of the agency itself. We need to bear in mind that fashion in web design is very changeable, and we have on a number of occasions witnessed how new trends capture users’ imagination but then increasingly get ignored. Only a fracture of new ideas has not disappeared and becomes more and more relevant.


Here are some basics remaining a constant for a long time

  • Simplicity and convenience – a client must not spend too much time searching for information, otherwise he will just shut the page and turn to your competitor;
  • Informativeness – the more data a client is able to get immediately, the bigger the chances you stand that he is satisfied with the results of his search. Plus, the fuller the answer he receives, the more trust he will have for your company;
  • Relevance – the site has to be vivid, it has to contain not only property data, but current news of the industry and the company as well.


When does the site have to be divided into sections?

If it is planned that the real estate site shall carry out several functions – selling, buying, renting of property – then you need to have separate sections: for owners, for buyers, for tenants.


What needs to be implemented on the site

  • Mobile or adaptive version – it has become a must nowadays, since many people are used to using the Internet exclusively on their smartphones.
  • Forms for property owners – if people are able to add property objects to a catalogue, your site will be more complete than that of your competitors and will attract more users.
  • Blog or forum – you give your clients an opportunity not only to communicate but to obtain relevant information.

Consultations from a real-estate agent – effective communication and an opportunity to ask any question online will become a convenient tool, if you know how to implement it correctly (a request to leave a contact phone number for a callback is common but proved to be ineffective, just like using a bot instead of a ‘live’ consultant).


What else is a necessity for a modern real estate site:

  • Online calculator;
  • Property search filter, certain search parameter settings;
  • Opportunity to book a meeting with a realtor and an online examination of an object;
  • Newsletters with new real estate objects;
  • Search line in a real estate catalogue;
  • Location map of buildings and land plots;
  • Current prices;
  • Benefits a client will get working with you;
  • Videos and photos of premises for sale, rent, exchange, etc.;


What mistakes should be avoided.

  1. Lack of a logical structure, mess on pages, inconvenient navigation, build-up of blocks – all these grab the attention and repulse clients.
  2. Graphics overload distracts attention, tires visitors and slows down the work of a site.
  3. Errors in the palette, use of incompatible colors, too many shades, lack of a contrast text will have a negative effect on the image of a resource and ruin users’ first impression of it.
  4. Bad formatting of the textual content directly leads to the client’s unwillingness to read a site.
  5. Lack of SEO will most definitely affect the position of your site in search engines and potential clients won’t see it.


If we look at today’s sites, a lot of them do not meet modern requirements. That’s why the agencies that will in the nearest future start to pay attention to their sites, starting with website web design, its usability, SEO, etc., will get advantage in front of their competitors and divert some clients from them.