Custom website design & Development. SEO.

Roman Makuev | Team Lead

These are the three main things that we’ve been invariably doing since 2011. We are obsessed with aesthetics. We know how to make stylish websites that win contests. We strive to think and create more broadly than the framework of templates and scripts allows, we are constantly looking for new solutions, because we believe that innovators win.

Shall we suit anyone?

It’s up to you.

We decided that we shall not post photos of our personnel here or tell you that we care about our clients better than anyone else. Instead, we are going to answer some frequently asked questions, tell a little bit about ourselves, so that you could learn about our principles and competencies.


Q: Could you tell us about the special features of your work?

We place emphasis on the three main things:

  •  Clear, comprehensible, stylish design.
  •  Effective, selling texts.
  • Pages that take into account all scenarios of a customer’s behavior and lead to the target action – selling.

In other words, stereotyped websites of the same kind with texts about nothing and meaningless page structure – is not our story. It used to work well some time ago, but unfortunately, it does not any more. Nowadays, you have to think over every pixel and every letter in order to have a competitive advantage.

Q: So you believe that anyone needs such sites?

I do believe so – yes. Why if you are going to meet a potential client, you dress well, get ready for the meeting, prepare a unique selling proposition, tell him what makes you different from your competitors, about the benefits of working with you, etc.

And at the same time, your representative in the internet, your site, doesn’t look convincing, is no different from similar sites of your competitors, has vague, general, non-convincing texts, incomprehensible design. Why then a site visitor shall choose you? What makes your offer better than the one of your competitors?

In such a situation, Its Majesty The Randomness plays its role – you play roulette hoping that the visitor will choose you, not the adjacent site of your competitor already open in the neighboring browser tab.

Q: It is better not to save on the creation of a site and texts, right?

It’s an illusion of economy. Loads of people spend thousands and hundreds of thousands on advertising. And at the same time, their site has a very low conversion rate, it is really like trying to carry water in a sieve.  How many potential clients are you losing and how much money could you have earned?

Q: Tell me, please, how you came into the industry.

My two main professions are SEO and website design. I started in SEO in 2010 – this sphere was just forming in Russia then, and I, as an engineer, was really interested in the ways it functions, I started and was doing well, and that’s how I stayed in the industry.

Design began as a hobby – I’ve always liked stylish things. As a result, this hobby grew into my profession – site design is more like the realization of my perfectionist potential now, my number one priority being clean, stylish, clear design.

Q: Do you have a small team?

Yes, the team is not big and we don’t take on a large number of projects – when your job turns into a conveyor, you miss out on quality – we don’t want to be doing mediocre things.

Q: Do you work on-line or in an office?

The pandemic showed that the job that we are doing can effectively and easily be done on-line. And we already have successful cases. We have everything we need for that now – zoom, task managers, we can meet on-line any time and discuss any tasks. That’s why we are working on-line.

Thank you for your questions and bye for now.

We are ready to answer any of your questions