Do you know that good web design in Calgary is not just about pictures?

No one wants to turn the process of buying on-line into a quest, right?

web design calgary

Would you like to have site that is going to sell?


Design presents one of the key factors that influence sales and the first impression visitors of your site have. And it is design that determines whether your potential client is going to leave or stay.  It does happen quite often that a visitor shuts down the page before he even reads half of it.

Times of similar, template sites are gone. What matters today is not only a unique design, selling texts, but also convenience for a user, competent positioning of a company, structured information on the site – all of which can be obtained by means of the competent analysis. Would you want us to create such website design in Calgary for you?

# 01

We develop 3 design versions – for desktops, mobiles and tablets. This ensures error-free operation on all devices, increases conversion. Plus being mobile-friendly is an integral part of modern SEO.

# 02

We do not use ready-made templates, instead we develop sites based on the peculiarities of a business and its audience, in order to boost conversion and highlight the strengths of a business.

# 03

We emphasize the advantages of a product/service, think over the ways of attracting a user. We create a logical chain of blocks that shall motivate the user to purchase.

# 04

Before developing the site, we carry out research, process and analyse data and choose the most suitable strategy.



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We do realize what website produce zero results

Owing to our 10-year experience we have clear understanding of a design that is going to work. Why would one want a site with low conversion – if ads cost a fortune nowadays?

01 No solution for a visitor’s problem
02 Information hard to perceive
03 Illogical page structure
04 Inconvenient, incomprehensible site
05 Site and texts do not inspire trust
06 etc.

What Makes Us Different

Designs without templates and cliches, specifically created and targeted at your audience, its psychology and a decision making model while purchasing. Designs that efficiently solve the tasks set.

Logical and comprehensible interfaces. The possibility that low conversion is caused by an unsufficienly considered interface is quite high. That is why we pay special attention to it.

Texts and headlines that demonstrate conclusions, problem solving and needs fulfillment are what a visitor to your site gets. Such text evokes interest and persuades to accept your offer.

The process of web design

Nr. 1


Industry analysis, competitors analysis, research into a target audience. All of those allow us to make well-considered and effective decisions that influence your future success.

Nr. 2

UX design

We project logical and convenient interfaces. We define the preferences and expectations of a target audience, carry out testing and pick the best interaction scheme that can lead to an order.

Nr. 3

UI design

It is hard to overestimate the importance of a user’s first impression. We develop a unique, clear, comprehensible design. We put emotions and sense into it. Such sites are more trustworthy, compared to those made hastily.

Nr. 4


Aesthetics is an integral part of a good design – a site or a design has to hitch one up and be memorable. We choose different visual decisions depending on the tasks of your business and its audience.

Nr. 5


The blend of marketing, design and technology as a final result produces an impressive result. Ultimately, we work for a result, the main criterion of which is a significant growth in sales of goods and services.

Nr. 6


Apart from designs, we produce texts and page headlines which show how you are going to solve your client’s problem. These texts step by step eliminate your client’s objections and lead to a purchase of a product/service.

Need a great design?

Our experience covers many industries


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Roman Makuev

Team Lead


The questions on website design Calgary our specialists are asked.

Roman Makuev

Team Lead


What happens if our competitors have a modern design, and ours is outdated?

If your competitors have a convenient and modern site, clients most likely will choose them.

Why a convenient, comprehensible site with good design so important?

A significant number of sales is determined not only by the quality of a product, but also by the way it is presented. Would you agree that it is more pleasant to buy goods you saw in a bright shop window, rather than the ones on a dark shabby stall. Even if the goods are of the same quality, the person is more eager to spend money in the surrounding specifically created for it.  In other words, the person will be more inclined to shop on sites that remind him of a real beautiful shop, not a dark stall in a cellar.

Who needs a unique design and who doesn’t?

You should invest into a unique design if you don’t want to pay twice: for the website on the template now, and for a new more original decision later on. You need to have a design developed from scratch if:

  • you are sure that there is a demand for your product;
  • you have a budget for creating an original project;
  • you need to stand out from your competitors;
  • you need to increase conversion;
  • your business is working and bringing a return.

The unique web design is ordered in Calgary and all over the world by big companies with an established name and reputation, as well as those thriving to become one. Because they simply cannot afford to base their internet presence on a cliche.

Is the site going to have a mobile version?

Mobile version is a necessity today. All sites are developed together with the mobile version. Your site will work error-free on smartphones and tablets.


Didn’t find the answer?


Convenience and simplicity. If it is convenient for a visitor to use the site – he is going to look through all the necessary information and even more.


There are two possible options. You write your own texts. Or you order texts from us, all texts will be written using key words, they will be attractive both from the point of view of marketing and SEO alike.


It all depends on the complexity of a project and a number of hours required for its realisation. Contact us and we will guide you regarding the terms, depending on your wishes and demands for the project.


No, modern technologies allow us to work from any part of the world. Present situation with the CORONA virus make teleworking even preferable.