Web design in Toronto why is it important?

We buy something for emotional reasons and justify it with rational arguments. That’s why the site, design and texts play the key role.

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Web design Toronto: Where innovation meets inspiration


When you enter yet another unoriginal site and see pictures with smiling people downloaded from the stock, read dull texts with hackneyed phrases and exaggerations, does it provoke trust? Does it look like a serious company?

So why does everyone make such sites? Maybe it’s high time to stand out at the background of your competitors? Let us work for you.

# 01

We analyze, not suppose. We write convincing texts, think over the structure of pages on the grounds of analysis and knowledge in marketing. We use the techniques of visual impact.

# 02

We create a convenient site. We think over the interaction pattern of a client and a resource. We minimize the number of steps from rising interest to a purchase.

# 03

Step by step, we show the essence of how you solve your clients’ problems, give objective arguments why you and your product are trustworthy.

# 04

Competent business positioning, unique design, symmetry, eligible prints and colors. We do not use templates or pattern approaches.



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We know what web sites do not work

Today, there are a lot of instruments for attracting traffic. But what’s the point in the traffic if people come to your site, don’t do what you want them to and leave for competitors?

01 No solution for a visitor’s problem
02 Illogical page structure
03 Information hard to perceive
04 Inconvenient, incomprehensible site
05 Site and texts do not inspire trust
06 etc.

What Makes Us Different

Design – a simple site is not enough to sell. Every inch of it has to be considered, verified and produce the maximum of possible sales. Only a comprehensible, minimalistic, clean design tailor-made for your audience does it. No patterns!

Texts and headlines based on a potential client’s problem solution/life improvement. People are not interested in either you or your best-in-the-world goods. People are only interested in their life and means of making it better.

Functionality. All of the sites contain elaborated options and instruments that help users solve certain problems and lead them to the target action- ordering goods or services.

Web Design Process

Nr. 1


Application of marketing. The site has to turn visitors into clients, and not to be yet another static page on the internet with information about you.

Nr. 2

No to templates

May it be high time to stand out? Everyone has the same patterned sites with patterned texts. Your site is the main growing point. You don’t copy competitors’ ads, do you?

Nr. 3

Page structure

Logical page structure, created on the grounds of your target audience’s problems, step by step eliminates clients’ questions and objections and leads them to the target action – sales.

Nr. 4


Minimalistic clean design, comprehensible site is not overloaded with information. Visual order distinguishes main and minor information.

Nr. 5


Catchy, thought-out text. It shows how you are going to solve your client’s problem. It evokes emotions, builds loyalty and sales. It influences the decision making.

Nr. 6


There are no magic formulas or knowledge, apart from the ones described here and working with the aim of making your site follow the principle – came, saw, ordered.

Do you want such a website?

There is experience of successful work in competitive industries.


Health Care



Real Estate




Roman Makuev

Team Lead


Answers to the questions from potential customers about our approach to web design in Toronto

Roman Makuev

Team Lead


Why do you pay so much attention to web design?

Nowadays, site design is not just poor painting, it is something you can use to solve certain tasks. It is obvious that the future belongs to digital marketing, that the requirements for sites will be growing, the competition will be growing – that’s why a good site is more than necessary, you shouldn’t be saving on something that represents your interests on the internet.

For example, imagine that you walked into a shop where all goods are randomly thrown around on shelves, the aisles are blocked with trolleys, the shop assistant can hardly speak your language. If there are better shops nearby, you’d definitely buy there, why make your task harder and waste your time in such a shop. So why shouldn’t your site look good and convincing?

What does your client get from working with you?

Clean, stylish, intuitively comprehensible, unique design. Adaptation to a tablet, desktops, mobile devices. At the development stage – pure code, absence of technical errors, speed. Text effectiveness.

Why do sites produced in slapdash manner work worse and worse nowadays?

I can see the minimum of 3 reasons:

  • As the internet develops, clients become more and more demanding about the quality of a site and the information on it, you don’t order anything from sites of poor quality with the songs of praise in the form of texts about themselves, do you?
  • At the same time, the algorithms of Google actively develop and require a high-quality site, so that it can be shown in the top results on the first page.
  • If you use paid traffic sources – on a site with low conversion, advertising is not that effective.

Why are templates on WordPress ineffective?

Firstly, I often come across the situation when there are 2 competing companies in one sphere/industry with the sites based on the same template. They actually have two identical sites. Visitors notice that as well.

Secondly, such decisions are very limited in terms of design, functional, it’s better to redesign them, at least partially. Maybe, for a start in business it’s ok, but for more serious companies that want to solve serious problems, to scale up – a more serious site and approach are required, in my view.

Is there a particular work procedure?

Creation of a good site is a clear technology and certain sequence of actions.   To cut it short – it’s Research. Prototypes. Design. Development. Launch.

Why not order from free-lancers?

You can. But in fact, a free-lancer is either a designer, or a developer. He knows marketing and copywriting only for the record. As an outcome, you get a site similar to thousands.


Didn’t find the answer?


It depends on many factors, for instance, the type of a site, whether it is a landing page or some serious site with the complicated functional, big number of pages, etc.


It depends on the difficulty of the project, but in general, it takes up to 30 days. It’s better to contact us and discuss terms and other details. It also depends on how busy the team is.


Yes, the standard set of functions consists of the following – text and picture editing, adding pages and page content.


Yes, we do everything connected with web design, development.