Why is logo design important for business?

Logo, like no other corporate style element, allows you to immediately recognize the company and distinguish it from its competitors.

How to be one step ahead of your competitors and remain in a client’s memory.


Logo is a unique, memorable sign that represents your business, product or service. If you want your company to be taken seriously, it has to look professional in all aspects.

Why not create a cool logo for you?

# 01

Completely individual logo design, no pattern decisions. Several concepts from professional designers to choose from.

# 02

Analysis of your audience, your company, your competitors and sphere of activity. Only after that, the designer starts drawing.

# 03

We don’t try to follow the fashion. Fashion is changeable, just like the wind, it comes and goes. And your company and logo remain. You will not have to change your logo every time fashion tendencies change.

# 04

No stock logos. The essence of a logo is in its uniqueness. When buying a stock logo, you deprive it of its meaning. As a result, the communication between your client and your company is not that intense.



UX/UI design of the online store


Logo Design


Landing page design


Website design


Personal page for a doctor


Design for a law firm

We know what mistakes have to be avoided when designing a logo

01 Poor choice of font
02 Stock logos
03 Clutter, complexity
04 Unsuitable colors, shades
05 Plagiarism and borrowings
06 etc.

Price $ 1000

Need a good logo?

Logo Design Process

Nr. 1


Data collection and analysis. Analysis of direct and indirect competitors in order to avoid random coincidences and risks related to that.

Nr. 2


Search for a unique font face, color palette. Concept and design drawings are built around the brief and research results.

Nr. 3


Presentation and evaluation of the effectiveness of a new logo. Making changes to the concept, if necessary.

Nr. 4


Implementing corrections and final presentation of the end result


Didn’t find the answer?


It resembles a compressed notion of your company. Logo is a trade mark that reflects and represents the philosophy and values of your company. Creating a logo, always keep the following phrase in mind: What do I want consumers to feel and expect from my company when they look at its logo?


We provide a set of 3 concepts for a new logo. And it’s not like one sign with different fonts and colors, but precisely different concepts.


As a rule, it takes 2 weeks to develop a logo, but it all depends on how soon you want to launch your new logo. We work fast. You get the first variants within 7 work days, then it takes another 2-3 days to make corrections and create a bonus trademark style. So on average, it makes up two weeks.


No, one can order a logo from any part of the world, it doesn’t effect its price or quality.