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Do you want a convenient, intuitively comprehensible application with a good design for your business?

App Development

There are more than 2 million applications nowadays, are all of them successful? No.


Mobile applications development is a serious job, and technical knowledge is not enough for doing it. One has to understand all the nuances to avoid errors in applications that can effect the whole business connected to the applications.

That’s why not all applications are successful and useful. Let’s make a good application for you?

# 01

We place emphasis on a clean design. Apart from being intuitively comprehensible, convenient, functional, an application has to be visually appealing to a user.

# 02

Focus on the needs of users this application is intended for. This will improve the loyalty of your clients and broaden the new audience.

# 03

We do not overload an application with on-trend or useless functions. Only the necessary functionality that will help users achieve their goals.

# 04

You are getting the combination of the high quality, elaborated system architecture, high-end technologies and experience, all in one place.



Logo Design


UX/UI design of the online store


UX/UI design for a manufacturer of face creams for women


Landing page design


Website design


Personal page for a doctor


Design for a law firm

We know what errors should be avoided when developing applications.

01 Unsuitable animation and colors
02 Unnecessary functions
03 User’s needs neglected
04 Incomprehensible application
05 No difference for iOS and Android
06 etc.

What Makes Us Different

We carry out profound research in order to understand what the tasks of a business are, what an application is intended for and what technical opportunities can be applied for it to solve the tasks set as effectively as possible.

We adapt an application interface for two platforms IOS and Android. We don’t produce something in between for both platforms – an attempt to economize at the development stage can cost one dear later.

We don’t try to fit the whole content of a desktop version into a small smartphone screen. When adapting the interface to a phone, the content is prioritized and all the essential is kept.

App Development process

Nr. 1


Analysis of existing decisions, profound research into your users’ behavioral patterns and needs. Selection of the optimal decision for the functional and interface.

Nr. 2


Wireframing – concept, functions of the application, prototypes, site mapping in the form of screens that demonstrate visual logics and structure, plan for switching between them.

Nr. 3

UX/UI Design

Design development taking into consideration users’ mental patterns and all possible usage scenarios, drawing all graphic interface elements.

Nr. 4


At this stage, the developers write program codes for the applications to be realized on different mobile platforms (Apple, Google, Microsoft), as each of them has its own operational system (iOS, Android, UWP).

Nr. 5


After all necessary corrections are made, the application is published in App Store or Google Play

Nr. 6


It is important to find defects, faults, incorrect imaging of elements, so that they can be fixed prior to publication.

Roman Makuev

Team Lead


Questions about the approach to our app development company in Canada

Roman Makuev

Team Lead


What can’t an application be ordered from a free-lancer?

One free-lancer won’t be able to create a good application. You need a team with competent analysts, programmers, designers and testers who will take care of your application at each development stage. Otherwise you will get yet another useless application among thousands of already existing ones.

What makes a good application?

Good smartphone application can be built into a person’s life. The icon of a shop is always in front of his eyes, increasing loyalty to the brand. Mobile applications in eCommerce are more than just a trend. Buying from phone is a new pattern, habit that allows people to save money and time.

What are other advantages?

A well developed application has a very high conversion rate, according to some research, the conversion rate of mobile applications is 157% higher than that of sites.


Didn’t find the answer?


It depends on many factors – every development is priced in accordance with the difficulty of a project.


Mobile site version – is a web-site adapted to mobile devices that works using a mobile browser. Mobile application – an application developed for iOS or Android in compliance with their operational system and requirements.


High speed, effective interaction with a client by means of push-notifications of special offers, sales, new goods.


In some industries, for example in e-Commerce, it is very convenient. There is no need to look for a company’s site with the help of a search engine or browse the address – all you need is to click an application icon.