Why is SEO in Toronto as important as choosing the right company?

The answer is simple – when was the last time you visited and bought anything from a company that is on page 2 of Google?

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Maybe it’s time to be in the search ahead of your competitors?


You realize that time is passing, there is no result, you are losing money that could bring you potential customers from Google search. Your company is not developing as dynamically as it could.

You can continue to watch your competitors grow. Or we can try to solve this problem now. Why don’t we do that?

# 01

We have a small SEO team – with a limited number of projects. The quality of SEO matters in achieving good results. When there are too many projects – it turns into a conveyor that deprives you of your result.

# 02

Our clients receive full information from strategy to specific works. What we do, what we do it for, and what the result should be.

# 03

We don’t use black hat techniques, we don’t guess. We develop strategies based on research and proven data for long-term, scalable success.

# 04

We do not sign long-term contracts for 6-12-24 months – so you can leave any time. That makes it completely unprofitable for us to do our job badly.

Our SEO service

Link Building

Outer references remain one of main ranking factors and deserve closest attention from SEO specialists and site owners. As requirements to link quality change, the strategies of link building change as well.

Links can either accelerate significantly, or have a negative effect if you make excessive use of bad-quality references, build an unnatural link profile, overuse text anchors. These things don’t help, they make the situation worse.

Working on link building requires good grasp of all nuances, successful experience, correct strategy based on analytics.

E-commerce SEO

SEO is important for e-commerce. The key to success of your shop is buyers: the more visitors your site attracts, the more purchases they make, the more profit you get.

What do you do when you need to find something on the Internet? You google it! You scroll down a few top sites and hardly ever go to page 2, never mind further.

Local SEO

Tendencies for local search are already growing strong and they are going to develop actively. Since it is easier and cheaper to occupy your place in Google ahead of competitors within a city, rather than a country or a region, local search will become more popular.

Search engines use special mechanisms to form local output. Companies from the same region as the user are ranked higher. That’s why, with the correct approach, you can attract your local target audience. Plus you get high investment return – it is cheaper than TV, radio, newspapers, etc.

SEO Strategy

The strategy – actions aimed at achieving goals set – i.e. getting relevant traffic from search engines. The strategy is based on the analysis of competitors’ websites, budgets you will allocate for SEO and expected site optimization works.

To realize the strategy sooner and more successfully, we systematize tasks and range them according to their importance. For you to see the returns from your investments sooner. All actions are done successively, do not contradict each other and are carried out with maximum effectiveness.

SEO Audit

When conducting SEO audit, key factor evaluation is carried out, including: key words, inner and outer optimization. Understanding that, a resource owner can more easily allocate the budget and evaluate project perspectives.

SEO audit provides information on what the promotion strategy should be based on. You have to be realistic – there are thousands of sites of the same subject-matter as yours. Many of them are promoted by teams of professional SEO experts, and you won’t be able to catch up with them if your site contains loads of defects and no clear strategy.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO site optimization is an important element of the general strategy, the essential part of which is the correction of technical errors. Main aim is to make a site faster, easier for search engines to scan and comprehend.

Often SEO is either not done initially or completely neglected, which causes certain ranging problems. On the other hand, if everything is technically fine, it drives you ahead of less technically-savvy competitors.

Keyword Research

Keywords form the ground for SEO – the strategy is built on them. They provide information on: amount of traffic obtained from one keyword or a group of keywords on a page/a site. How to conduct on-page optimization. How intense the competition is – will it be difficult to range using these key words, etc.

Analysis also includes comparison and prioritizing of data to get better results. Very often keywords turn into a stumbling block for many site owners. In essence, it is the analysis of your industry as a whole together with the identification of effective solutions.

Content Creation

The reason optimized content is important is simple – you will not range high in search engines without it. Key words form the base element of an optimized text – it helps search engines to understand what the text is about, what problem you solve.

Apart from being efficient and interesting, the content has to include a certain number of key words, it has to be of correct volume, design etc. We write high-quality texts – easy for comprehension, without spelling or stylistically errors, with clear structure and answering users’ questions.

We know all about your Seo problems which hinder growth

This is the known fact that errors on your site effect the result, hinder growth and, as a result, bring no money.

01 Low website traffic
02 Keyword cannibalization
03 Duplicate content / Thin content
04 Toxic links / Broken Link
05 Crawl Errors
06 etc.

What Makes Us Different

Result guarantees? Many SEO-companies guarantee top results on Google. There is no magic knowledge or techniques for getting into top 10 – there is successful work experience and profound understanding of the way it works, there is a well-chosen strategy for the budget and high-quality work done. That’s what we can guarantee. The rest is just marketing traps.

Our priority is attention to detail. Some elements of SEO are universal, they are important and work well. But it is cycle of analytics – improvement of details – analytics – improvement that lets you get into top and achieve desired results. Many people fail to succeed only because they omit small details.

Are we the best SEO company in Toronto or Canada? Maybe – not. Are we the company with vast experience and our own approaches – definitely yes. Every successful project is the past. Everything is changing rapidly, every new site is a new story, new strategy. If you consider yourself as the best, you can stop in your development.

Toronto SEO Process

Nr. 1

Website Audit

Analysis of a site’s compliance with the requirements of search engines – speed, technical errors, link profile, optimization, etc.

Nr. 2

Industry Analysis

Data on competitors’ s strategies, their keywords, reference profile, functional of a site, page structure, navigation, etc.

Nr. 3

Keyword Research

Analytics and collection of keywords, on the basis of which the site structure and page structure are built, texts, meta tags, reference texts are written.

Nr. 4

On-Site Optimization

Unique meta tags are written (Title, Description, Keywords), H1 headings. Texts, including previously collected keywords, are written and added to the pages.

Nr. 5

Link Building

Analysis and correction of the reference profile. Selection of theme and authoritative resources, link marking, to boost the authority for search engines.

Nr. 6


Collection of data on results, analytics, deciding on what needs improvement and what works well. This allows us to make our work effective.

Do you want to grow?

We have experience of successful work in highly competitive industries


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Roman Makuev

Team Lead


Questions about our approaches to SEO in Toronto that prospective clients usually ask our experts

Roman Makuev

Team Lead


Price of SEO

We do not have standard packages, we have an individual approach. Competition is different in every industry and in every region – higher in one, moderate in the other. That makes different budgets. Plus every site has its own history. For instance, some have an old site with loads of good-quality content, good link profile, but with many technical errors or lack of inner optimization, by correcting these two issues you can make the site rocket. Some have a very new site, and that calls for a totally different strategy, different budget, different operations.

Will it be necessary to make corrections to the site?

It’s hard to say without seeing a site. But what can certainly be said is that there are many competitors in the output, and we are going to fight with them. If the site is weaker than the ones of the competitors – the fight will be lost. If the site does not comply with the requirements of search engines and is not attractive for visitors, corrections will need to be made (preferably, yesterday).

Do you do free audits?

Our audit is paid. If you plan to order further SEO in Toronto from us, the price of the audit is excluded from the payment for the first month.

Why do I need links to my site?

Links are the key factor in rankings, it is especially important for the Google search engine. For robots to count the page, the page has to be linked to from an authorized resource, that’s why you can’t get along without links, whatever whoever says.

Is SEO still working?

It has, it is and it will work. It does become more complex, more costly, time and money wise. Market and Infospace get filled with tales and rumors – about some ‘magic’ strategies and techniques, many start using it, with a zero result, of course. I also need to point out that many SEO professionals are not professionals at all – you can’t be one if you’ve only read a few articles and watched a few videos.


Didn’t find the answer?


First of all, no one can guarantee you the first place in the output (just because an output differs and depends on the region, age of the site and other criteria).


3-6 months, on average, but again it depends on every single case, in some cases you need a month to improve your position, in other cases – more.


Some people believe that SEO is just text and meta tags on a page. Search optimization has become more complex, because Google and other search engines renew their algorithms. You can try to promote your site by yourself, but it would be more effective to trust your site to the people who have devoted themselves to SEO and who know for sure how it all works.


It is totally safe, we do not apply dubious techniques.