Maybe it’s time to attract traffic from Google using SEO in Calgary?

If you ignore SEO, your competitors will soon snach all your traffic, your clients and possibilities for further development.


Stay ahead of the competition with SEO


Google keeps changing and complicating its algorithms, search engine optimization becomes more difficult and requires more man-hours – one has to take into account too many various nuances to remain afloat. So we’ve got two pieces of news for you – a good and a bad one.

If you manage to find a company in Calgary that is going to do everything correctly – you will get a good-quality, free traffic from search engines. The bad news is that if you fail to do it, you won’t be able to increase your income. Let us work with your site and help you avoid the latter?

# 01

White Hat SEO. We develop strategies based on the data and understanding of how main ranging factors work. We know things that are never mentioned in the public access and inexperience SEO-specialist are unaware of.

# 02

We do not offer any song and dance or any ‘special technologies’. Only analysis, common sense and extensive experience. We trace all changes in the algorithms of search engines and adjust to them straight away.

# 03

Transparency – you are informed of the strategy, all work that is done and is going to be done. Every month we send you a report and show you the results achieved. We do not sign long-term contracts – you can leave any time.

# 04

We do not outsource, do not turn SEO into a conveyor, in order not to compromise the quality of our service. We are a small but firm team.

Our SEO Service

Link building

Is the process of getting external references to the site by various means. Links still provide good results and allow to improve your positions and get more organic traffic. Knowledge of the peculiarities of work with links, as well as awarness of the border lines that mustn’t be crossed, shall help to avoid the radars of Google.

Link building is one of the major directions of SEO. In competitive conditions in particular, all other conditions being the same, the site effectively using links shall be ranked higher. At the same time, it is very important to experiment in link building, in order to know for sure what works and what doesn’t. We choose only high-quality web sources that ensure the result.

SEO audit

SEO site audit allows not only to see the current quality of site optimization and compliance with the requirements of search engines but also to find weak points or growing points for further improvements and increase in traffic from the search. Audit includes: technical audit, structure audit, content and its optimization audit, link profile audit, traffic and keyword analysis, analysis of competitors.

It is hard to elaborate a high-quality SEO strategy without a detailed audit and data analysis. Audit forms the ground of search engine optimization, and its quality and completeness determine the site’s further success in its fight against search engines.

Content Creation

It is commonly assumed that SEO – text differs from a normal one, because it is written not for users but for search engines as well. Such a text contains keywords that help to range the page on the first lines of Google.

We have improved such texts a little, and we do not only fill the text with keywords, but write it bearing in mind sales and marketing – as a result, you receive the text that motivates users to make a purchase, it demonstrates advantages of a product or service and eliminates fears and addresses the ‘pain’ of a client. Thus, you get into ТОP 10 and also have a high conversion of the page.

SEO Strategy

Correct SEO strategy and its realization will make a profound input into your sales. Because of constantly changing algorithms, SEO becomes more complicated, it seems that it has become less effective than before. Simple actions that used to work before work worse.

Everything becomes more difficult – the development of search engines and competition make you think through the strategy based on already existing as well as constantly changing algorithms, competitors, industry. The budget is formed for certain tasks. And if everything is done correctly, you get an opportunity to develop more dynamically due to the high-quality traffic from search engines.

Local SEO

Local SEO – Local SEO in Calgary is a must for small organizations working in their cities, districts and having a physical address. The main peculiarity of local SEO is the format of a search output. When local searches are entered, we shall see a map and cards with the names of organizations, and only after that the rest of an organic output.

So why a great number of local sites are not included in this list, even after having created cool content and a lot of links? The answer is simple: SEO methods of regional sites differ from the classical, commonly accepted ones. Contact us and we shall help you receive the traffic you have been eager to get for a long time.

Keywords Research

It is one of the main and basic stages of SEO that, to a great extent, determines the success of the whole upcoming campaign. Search and analysis of keywords is carried out on the grounds of the analysis of your industry, competitors, people’s queries.

Optimal keywords are selected, and based on them, a precise, logical structure of all pages, certain pages is created. Inner optimization of texts, titles, descriptions, headlines h1-h6 is performed. SEO strategy is formulated. One of the most common errors is that a huge number of keys is not found or used, as a result, part of the traffic ‘leaks’ to competitors.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO in Calgary is one of the key factors in ranging. There is a list of things that can negatively effect your positions in Google. Nowadays, one can’t expect SEO to be highly effective without technical optimization of a site.

Search engines give priority to the sites that demonstrate certain technical characteristics, such as an adaptive design or short downloading time, etc. Technical issues of the site should be regularly addressed and constantly controlled – that will allow to focus on solving other tasks.

E-commerce SEO

SEO stands out among all marketing channels available for owners of internet shops. Without constant flow of search traffic, your internet shop is going to go bankrupt very quickly. Why? Because the success in e-commerce equals your ability to attract potential customers to your site.

In the severe conditions of e-commerce, businessmen have to make serious effort to overcome the ever-growing competition. For the company to develop dynamically, it is necessary to be one step ahead of your competitors.

We have been working in the industry for 10 years, and know for sure what hinders you from getting the traffic from Google

SEO is easy and difficult at the same time, if you know what, how and in what order needs to be done. Unfortunately, not all know it, thus, there is no result.

01 Low website traffic
02 Keyword cannibalization
03 Duplicate content / Thin content
04 Toxic links / Broken Link
05 Crawl Errors
06 etc.

What Makes Us Different

Result guarantee? There are no magic ways. Google – is the most complicated self-instructing system that processes hundreds of ranking factors. This very search engine decides how much traffic you get and where to range you. What we can guarantee is a high-quality analysis and a professional approach.

One of the main principles of our work is attention to details. We laboriously examine your site and sites of your competitors – find their weak points and make sure your site has no weaknesses from the point of view of SEO. This gives you advantage for search engines. That requires smaller budget compared to thoughtless SEO.

Are we the best SEO company in Calgary? We are not trying to label ourselves in any way. We are just a firm, professional team of SEO specialists, with extensive experience and its own expertise and approaches to SEO.

Calgary SEO Process

Nr. 1

SEO audit

We shall find what halts your traffic from search engines. We shall carry out the analysis of the site from the point of view of inner and outer optimization, technical errors.

Nr. 2

Industry research

Prior to developing a SEO strategy, we carefully analyze competitors, needs of your clients, industry, in order to take and introduce the best.

Nr. 3

Research of keywords

Selection of the optimal keywords that shall help to increase the traffic, bring potential clients and income.

Nr. 4

On-Site optimization

Making your site perfect from the point of view of a search engine. Beginning from texts and meta tags to error-free code and file downloading speed.

Nr. 5

Link Building

Building up on natural link profile – from the construction strategy to the choice of platforms and getting good quality links.

Nr. 6


What we do and how we do it. Reports help to follow the completion of the pre-planned work and the realization of a SEO strategy.

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Roman Makuev

Team Lead


Some questions about approaches to SEO in Calgary our experts are asked

Roman Makuev

Team Lead


How much does SEO cost?

The final price is formed after the examination of a site’s current state. The following factors can make a considerable impact on the price and realization terms: age of a site; quality of a link profile; quality and originality of texts; convenience, intuitiveness of an interface; design relevance; support, fast downloading of a page, etc.

The texts are better on my site, compared to those of my competitors, but its positions are lower. What’s the reason?

The quality of texts is only one out of a hundred of factors that effect the positions. What matters is the convenience of a site, domain history (age, sanctions applied before), number and quality of backward links, design, technical optimization, users’ involvement into the site review and many other characteristics. That is why it is worth analyzing competitors from various points of view in order to understand what spheres they are better in.

Why do backward links matter?

Before, link building used to focus on the quantity, not the quality – and now it is quite the opposite. Links’ creation requires a lot of time and careful planning, it now focuses on a donor’s qualities. If you follow an old approach and use ‘garbage’ links, sooner or later search engines will notice it, if they haven’t already, and apply a filter, which can hinder the work of any site.


Didn’t find the answer?


The first positive changes can be seen after the first month. Significant increase in traffic and reaching high positions require SEO specialists to work for 4-8 months.


Of course we don’t think so. SEO has, no doubt, progressed and carries on developing. While the Internet exists, SEO will exist too.


The main efficiency parameter for us is the increase in traffic and client’s sales.


PPC – is a brilliant way of getting traffic to a site immediately, and you can switch it on and off. The downside is that it costs money, which makes competition hard for small enterprises.