Do you want texts that make clients choose you?

An effective text is when you have the result. The rest is just graphomania and mere words.

Do you know why generalized texts about nothing don’t work anymore?


You probably have noticed that 95% of sites contain dull texts with ‘flashy benefits’ – we are the best, we are, we are. Such self-indulgence doesn’t work. Where’s client here? Where’s the solution of his problem, pain, why he must choose to work with you?

You can significantly enlarge the number of  sales from your site, without boosting your advertising budget, simply by using the potential of the text. Why not address us to write such a text for you?

# 01

We examine and understand the needs, aims, wishes and fears of your target audience. We learn how a person makes his decision and how we can influence his choice by means of the text on your website.

# 02

We define the criteria that influence a potential client in his choice to cooperate and purchase. We find out what the client doesn’t believe and what he doubts in – and pick more convincing evidence.

# 03

We process tons of information about the goods, company, competitors. Facts, weighty arguments and tiny statements. We put it all together to persuade people to work you.

# 04

Nowadays, hundreds of companies are fighting to attract your client’s attention, you simply can’t afford to post rewrites of some incomprehensible texts. We know how to fix it.

Why do our texts help to sell?

Your text is being worked on by a marketer with 10 years of expertise – he examines the target audience, forms an offer, uses all marketing techniques in order to make the text convincing, to make you stand out among your competitors, instead of being one of many same companies.

The text is being written by a linguist with Diploma with Honors. Who has a professional level of English. Any writing style that will suit your target audience.

The aim of our texts is to answer the questions, remove all doubts and persuade the client address you. The potential client understands why he should buy your goods/services, the site and texts inspire confidence in purchase.

We know what mistakes do not contribute to sales

The text on your site has to provoke trust, show advantages, convince, sell, it can’t make one sleepy.

01 Lack of selling structure
02 No clear benefits and advantages
03 No solution for a visitor’s problem
04 Exaggeration and pomposity
05 «Direct» call to action
06 etc.

Why does the text matter?

Nr. 1


You’ve only got one chance to catch a visitor’s eye. If you haven’t interested the reader within the first few seconds he will leave for your competitors.

Nr. 2


There’s too much advertising, the brain blocks any incoming information. Only the right text and headlines can make it focus.

Nr. 3


The headline has to catch the necessary audience and cut off the unnecessary one. Texts have to be built into the system that leads a person to an action.

Nr. 4


The main task is to show that you know the problem of your audience, you know how to solve it, do it in your job on a day-to-day basis and you’ve succeeded in it.

From 1000$

per text of up to 3500 words

Do you need an effective text?